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Our Journey of Excellence

Founded in 2022

Our Journey has been started since March 2022 with a vision to the Enlightening the Services in IT Industry and to positon the protection before it becomes the problem of your gadgets.

This Organization is established by the person who is having more than 17 years of experience in various fields of IT.

We at Next Step IT Services offers Care Packs and AMCs for all leading brands like HP/Dell/Lenovo/IBM/Acer Products.

Next Step IT Services is a One Stop Shop that offers a multitude of products or services to its customers, all under one roof.

Next Step IT Services offers an array of Warranty Extension / Carepacks with varied durations and service levels to fit to your organization needs.

Our Vision and Mission

The Goal of the company is to highlight the key benefits of After Sales Support of all IT products. Also creating more and more awareness of extending the value of your hardware investment and providing support options to minimize the impact on IT resources and budget.

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